Article V Convention Simulation After Action Report

Joe Legaspi
September 28, 2016

Article V Convention Simulation After Action Report

Man Holding US Constitution

We the People

Well, it happened and the sky did NOT, in fact, fall.  Despite a degree of skepticism on the part of some concerned citizens, a group of focused and committed Americans performed a simulation of an Article V Convention of States.

On Thursday and Friday (22-23 September 2106), delegates from each of the 50 states demonstrated procedurally and substantively how to convene an assembly designed to amend The Constitution of the United States.  In this podcast, Gary Porter describes the experience after watching a Livestream of the event that was held at the Williamsburg Public Library.

Listen to this podcast to find out:

  1. What Amendments were proposed?  Which passed?  Which did not?
  2. What procedures and rules were put in place?
  3. How could the process be controlled?
  4. Was this a good idea?

Here is a briefing given by Gary Porter during the livestream event:

My Journey The Land of COS

And here’s another great essay on the topic:

Constitutional Corner: Musings on the Article V Convention

When you click on the microphone icon at the upper right of this post, you will be able to hear this 35-minute podcast in its clear entirety.  Please give us your comments and questions because we are excited to get any feedback to improve our service to the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America.