Do you have a lawyer? You’ll probably need one sooner or later…

Joe Legaspi
December 23, 2016

Do you have a lawyer? You’ll probably need one sooner or later…


We live in litigious times.  People are suing everybody.  Laws, statutes, and regulations are being created at record amounts and at a rapid pace.  Police forces at every level are all too ready and willing to enforce these new tyrannies.  The question is how prepared are you to defend against these aggressions, which threaten your freedom.  It’s time to consider your defense.

In this podcast, we discuss one method which is available to common, middle class people.  It’s a legal service which covers a wide range of legal issues that you might encounter in your everyday life: traffic, commerce, disputes, even DUI.  And for those rare, once-in-a-lifetime criminal situations, this service can provide assistance at a substantial discount.  The service is called Legalshield.  For a monthly subscription fee, you can by this ‘insurance’ for yourself, your family, and your small business.  There are many more facets and details discussed in the podcast itself by three associates, who are full-time purveyors of this useful product.

After you listen to this podcast, you’ll want to contact Legalshield to subscribe.  Here’s how:

Contact Mark Elkhill by this email.  And check out this website.

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