Jihad in Hampton Roads

Joe Legaspi
May 5, 2016

Jihad in Hampton Roads

Is there a ‘Muslim Agenda’? The media and even our politically correct, elected politicians seated in government are feeding us a narrative about Islam. Today, we hear an alternative perspective from a studied expert on the subject, Mr. Robert Heffley.

We take a look at the facts and the definitions; the past history and the present activities; and a prescription for what we can do.

We discuss:

  1. Orthodox Islam.
  2. Civilization Jihad.
  3. The definition of Taqqiya and Abrogation.
  4. The Muslim Brotherhood.
  5. Refugees.

We mention a few graphics in the podcast, here’s a Powerpoint presentation illustrating a few of the most important points:

Quran extract (This is a powerpoint you can download and open up off-site)

Quran extract (This is a pdf file of the same content)

Here’s a video (click on the picture):

Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney

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