Politics and Policy in Newport News, Virginia

Joe Legaspi
April 17, 2016

Politics and Policy in Newport News, Virginia

Listen in on our conversation with the Honorable Dr. Pat Woodbury, City Councilwoman for Central District 2 (Seat A) of the City of Newport News, Virginia.  She’s held the position since 2008 and is running again in an election, which will be held on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

In our interview, Councilwoman Woodbury talks about Newport News as an economic environment and its position relative to state tourism.  She is clear and open about her motivations for seeking reelection.  We talk about the following issues and Councilwoman Woodbury’s participation in those issues:

  1. Youth and Gang Violence.
  2. Economic issues with Seniors.
  3. Business Initiatives in Newport News.
  4. Housing Programs.
  5. Approaches for Homelessness.
  6. Transportation Projects.
  7. Local, State, and National Politics.

The following are links of interest that are referenced within the discussion:

Councilwoman Woodbury’s campaign website.  There is contact information in here.

Another Councilwoman Woodbury website.

Councilwoman Woodbury’s Facebook Page.

An article on the Newport News elections.

The STEP program.

The SPARK program.

The campaign headquarters is located at 10842 Warwick Boulevard, in the Warwick Shopping Center.

A special thanks to Alex Piacenti, who coordinated our meeting with Dr. Woodbury.  A US Army veteran (Hoo-wah!) turned savvy citizen activist, he’s an all around great guy.

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Most importantly, if you live in Newport News, get out and vote.

Councilwoman Woodbury and Virginia for USA

Dr. Pat Woodbury