Progressivism: Could This Be The Source of All Our Ills?

Joe Legaspi
September 23, 2016

Progressivism: Could This Be The Source of All Our Ills?

Have you noticed how few liberals actually call themselves “liberal”?  There is another term which seems to be coming into vogue, and that is “progressive”.  It has a more positive connotation than ‘leftist’ or ‘lefty liberal’ or a host of other pejoratives that we on the right might think of.

It’s time for conservatives to understand what this is, lest they fall into a rhetorical trap.  I mean, who among us doesn’t want to be seen as being progressive – in the sense of being in favor of progress, innovation, development, etc.  But this is a different idea.  It is an idea that chips away at the very fabric of an American republic that was founded on principles of liberty.

In this podcast, Gary Porter instructs us on the intellectual underpinnings of Progressivism and historical examples of how Progressivism has weakened and damaged our country.  From there, it is easy to see how it threatens our economy and our society.

progressive presidents

As promised, here are some books for reference:


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