Veteran Homelessness

December 15, 2016

Veteran Homelessness


One of the most egregious disgraces that should weigh heavily upon our national conscience is the scourge of veteran homelessness.  This is not to imply that any one person or group of people is more or less deserving of being homeless, it’s just that often these veterans are in their predicament as a direct result of their experiences serving the cause of freedom and at the request of their nation’s government.

There are many non-profit organizations, charities, and faith-based groups that are doing great and beneficial work on behalf of homeless veterans.  Several of which are mentioned in this podcast.  One in particular, the Veterans Community Project, is holding a raffle that anyone can participate in to help veterans in Kansas City.  This project is a shining light that can inspire and guide many other initiatives like it in the future.  The details can be found in the following links:

The Veterans Community Project

The Veterans Community Project (Facebook Page)

In this podcast, Joe and Mark speak over the phone with Kevin Jamison of the Veterans Community Project.  Sorry for the poor audio quality, but I’m still not quite proficient on phone recording yet.  However, there is still some good content recorded for the podcast and despite its technical imperfections, I included it.

Mark Elkhill, my special guest on the podcast is a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer with 28 years of service to our nation.  Along with his business and entrepreneurial pursuits, Mark is expending his considerable energies for the cause of veteran homelessness and he’s inspiring us to do the same.

Fabio Lopez is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and currently works in the IT industry.


Fabio Lopez (left), Mark Elkhill (center), Joe Legaspi (right)