Voting Your Conscience

Joe Legaspi
March 14, 2016

Voting Your Conscience

Lisa Legaspi worked the polls at Queens Lake Middle School, York County, VA on Super Tuesday and gained some insights and perspectives on how people voted and used their vote in the nominating primaries of the two major political parties.

Lisa encountered a variety of opinions on that day and agreed to share them with us on this podcast.

One thing that was not addressed was the question of whether or not voters could vote in a primary of a party to which they are not affiliated.  This was an open primary, is this a good thing which is a fuller expression of First Amendment and Constitutional freedoms; or is it an instrument of political gamesmanship.  Does it reveal a strength of our democracy or a flaw?

What do you think?

  • Lisa Legaspi

    interesting question about open primaries. Theoretically, I like the idea. In the past, (before the ACA vote) I thought it was possible that I could find myself voting for a Democrat, and appreciated open primaries. Now it doesn’t matter to me as much because I will only vote my conscience, and never for the “anti-candidate”.