Who’s Afraid of an Article V Convention?

Joe Legaspi
September 18, 2016

Who’s Afraid of an Article V Convention?


Do you think there are governmental problems that can be fixed by changing the Constitution?  If you think Congress and the government has too much power, can you trust them to change The Constitution such that their power could be limited and reduced?  Fortunately, the Framers of The Constitution saw the need to offer citizens a way to amend the constitution in a way that did not depend on the congress.  This method is the Article V Convention.

Through this method, the states can amend the constitution with but little assistance by the congress.  Many people oppose this alternative because they believe the Founding Fathers did not write enough constraints and restrictions into the procedure to prevent mayhem to ensue – even to the extent that our basic freedoms and liberties could be jeopardized by the uncontrollable will of the masses.

What if there were a way to try and foresee these problems by simulating a convention to determine if procedure, civility, and the rule of law could be adhered to and presage an outcome that would seem reasonable?  The good news is that an organization called The Project of Citizens for Self-Governance is putting on a simulation of a Convention of States.  It’s occuring 21-23 September in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Our good friend, Gary Porter, explains the background and the ideas behind this undertaking.  Listen in and learn why and how such a simulation will be useful for concerned American citizens who are looking for alternative ways to produce fundamental and constitutional change in United States governance.

Here are some links:

Convention of States Simulation

To get tickets to the viewing party to be held at the Williamsburg Library

Here are some rules ( COS Simulation_rules_final_9-2-2016) regarding rules of the simulation

And an agenda for the simulation (COS Simulation – PRELIMINARY_AGENDA_9-14-2016 )

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