Michael Bloomberg vs the NRA

screenshot-www latimes com 2015-11-04 18-13-54

screenshot-www latimes com 2015-11-04 18-13-54

Apparently, Michael Bloomberg is working on a way to govern us on how we should or should not possess guns.  I’m not sure I want to cooperate with this arrogant statist’s efforts to control me.

In Virginia, Bloomberg’s money is being used to create advertisements to inaccurately portray the Republican candidate, Glen Sturtevant, as being a paid stooge for the NRA.  In reality, Sturtevant has received no funding from the NRA.  Dumping huge sums of money and broadcasting lies are significant tactics in Bloomberg’s strategy.  We, in the Commonwealth, are not free of Bloomberg’s reach.

Ostensibly, he cares about the common people and is trying to protect them from gun violence.  However, this is a transparent power play / ego trip for someone who has little understanding of either logic or hypocrisy.  He has a private armed guard force to protect him from whom?  Law-abiding citizens or lawless criminals?  Would the lawless criminals care about gun laws?  I doubt even Bloomberg would be ignorant of such an irony.

Guns are really not the issue.  It’s ego and narcissism which ignited his opportunism.  It’s what drove him to change parties from Democrat to Republican.  It wasn’t ideology.  It was the desire for power over things which his billions could not buy.  This is a powerful motivation which he is striving to fulfill to this day.

I wonder if there are other people like him who are running for office…