Our Mission

 Mission Statement


A medium for ideas, Virginia for USA gives a voice to Virginians, and Americans, who are dissatisfied with the status quo.  Virginia for USA reaches out across digital social media to recruit members to communicate with elected leaders, political candidates, and other like minded people about the issues of the day in healthy, civil discourse.

Those issues include:

The Size and Scope of Government.
The United States Constitution and the Rule of Law.
Taxation and Tax Reform.
Immigration Enforcement.
Education Reform.
Smart National Defense.
Free Market Economics.
Personal Liberty and Human Rights.
Virginia for USA supports candidates, officials, and leaders who commit to dealing with these concerns in a way which respects personal property rights and freedom of expression.
Virginia for USA reflects the values of integrity and candor; freedom and liberty; and honor and dignity.
Virginia for USA requires its members to draw on logic and reason; passion and energy; and hard work and perseverance.