More Delegate Math…


Apparently, Donald Trump is the ‘presumptive’ nominee.  What does this mean?

Did you know that a local Republican Convention is going to be held at Denbigh High School in Newport News, VA?

On April 29, 2016, The Republican Party of Virginia held its Quadrennial Convention in Harrisonburg, VA.  John Whitbeck was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.  Delegates to the National Convention were also elected; but there are yet more National Delegates that need to be elected.  These elections will be held at conventions (based on congressional district) all over the state in the coming weeks.



On May 21, 2016, the 2nd District will hold its convention at Denbigh High School.  Among everything that will go on, these are the most important items of agenda:

  1. Electing a District Chairman of the Republican Party;
  2. Electing three (3) members of the State Central Committee;
  3. Electing three (3) delegates and three (3) alternate delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention;
  4. Nominating one (1) Elector from the Second Congressional District of Virginia to serve in the 2016 Electoral College;


The national conversation surrounding the nomination of the party candidate swirls around the idea of procedural rules and voter disenfranchisement and a general cynicism about the political process.  In general, people are upset because they felt the will of the people was not being heeded, and that the system was corrupt and rigged by ‘The Establishment’.


The truth is that the Convention and its nominating process is a party mechanism, created and executed by members of both parties.  Every American of a certain age (and who are granted the rights by US law) has the vote that counts in the General Election.  If people are bona fide members of either party, they can participate in the formation and amendment of any of the rules that govern the election of its delegates, representatives, or leadership.

These people are real human beings you can meet, interact with, and ask questions of.  This practice of democracy is rich because it has a local sense of accountability, not found in large, faceless, automated elections.

You can know these people and if they ever did something in an election you did not expect, you can call him or her up and ask, “Hey, what the heck?”

On May 13, Virginians for USA can meet such people – candidates for 2nd District Delegates to the Republican National Convention will converge on Allegorie to meet us and let us know whom they support in the National Convention and why.  These brave Virginians are:


If you would like to come, go to the Events page on this website and sign up.

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