Move the Chains

The Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens line up on the line of scrimmage during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Landover, Md., on Saturday, Aug. 21, 2010. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

In recent years, we have seen our country descend into a period of upheaval and turmoil.  A great nation is now faced with enormous challenges, both within her borders and from the outside.  Our economy is on the brink of collapse, foreign enemies probe our defenses, and our society has been a battleground for the moral and cultural soul of America.

We’ve lost our innocence, we’ve lost some momentum, but we haven’t lost faith.

It’s time to talk about how our government is doing addressing these serious problems.  With the help of our friends and neighbors, we will examine the events of our time, not to complain and condemn, but to see if there are novel solutions and opportunities for cooperation.  Let’s give a voice to people like you who clearly see the world as it is –

to people like you who are deeply concerned about where our nation is going;

to people like you who have the ingenuity and determination to make a difference;

to people like you, who don’t otherwise have a chance to speak their minds and offer their insight.

It’s like the classic American challenge on the football gridiron, where two teams are locked in a titanic struggle.   With enough grit and determination, a team can push up, if not to a touchdown, then to at least a first down.  Once a team does that, the sideline referees move the 10-yard chains to the next mark.

To borrow the metaphor, we wanted to find a way to advance forward – to ‘move the chains’ – get a first down.

And that is why we created Virginia for USA.

Virginia for USA is about smaller government – we’re not talking about decreasing budgets, we’re talking about dismantling ossified, decaying structures that are nothing but burdens on our economy and our hearts and our minds.

Virginia for USA is about tax reform – we’re not talking about redistributing wealth, we’re talking about protecting the hard won dollars of American workers and producers.

Virginia for USA is about trade and markets – we’re not talking about ‘leveling the playing field’, we’re talking about innovation, creativity, hard work, and prosperity for everyone who earn it.

Virginia for USA is about National Security, we’re not talking about big budgets for space age weapons we don’t need, we’re talking about penetrating intelligence and smart defense that depends on human prowess and skill in the specialized military arts and sciences.

Virginia for USA is about social issues like immigration, education, religious expression – we’re not talking about political correctness, we’re talking about FREEDOM.

If you’re like us, concerned citizens who love to talk about local and national politics, business and the economy, foreign and military policy, or whatever comes to mind, come on in and join the conversation.  Then, together, we can move the chains.