Paris Attacked

paris attacks

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As of 2300 hrs, 13 November 2015, at least 153 people were killed in violent, terrorist attacks throughout France’s capital city of Paris.  Using AK-47’s, possibly other types of small arms, grenades, and other types of improvised explosives, terrorists indiscriminately murdered innocent civilians in public venues – a modus operandi designed to kill and injure as many victims as possible.  The locations and the synchronization of the attacks suggest coordination and planning by a group with a political objective.  Some of the attackers then blew themselves up to avoid capture, martyr themselves, and kill as many other people as they could.  This action; the cries of “This is for Syria” and “Allahu Akbar” (as heard from bystanders); and claims of responsibility communicated over Twitter suggest the perpetrators were connected to ISIS or were driven by Islamist Jihadism.

I searched the internet among mainstream news sources and could find no quotations from world leaders speculating on the originating political sentiment of Islamic Jihadism as the motivating cause of this atrocity.  This would include President of France, Francis Hollande, and President of the United States, Barack Obama.  No surprise really. They needn’t utter the fact to mobilize the forces necessary to restore peace and begin the hunt for any escaped participants, complicit supporters, or hidden leadership.  In the aftermath, there are facts and speculation.  There must be thoughtful analysis, critical thinking, and measured, but decisive action.  There must NOT be emotional, irrational, prejudice-driven rhetoric; and hasty, irresponsible responses.

To balance this with ‘calling a spade a spade’ must not be inhibited by political correctness.  This is where true leadership is demonstrated.

From the Islamic Jihadist terrorists’ perspective: Why Paris (relative to UK or any other place in Europe, the US, or anywhere else)?  What made Paris a soft target for this?  What is the significance of this happening now?  What was the message to be conveyed?  We understand the root cause and motivation of Islamic Jihadism, but what is the desired end state?

From our perspective:  What does this mean for us in the US?  Does this mean we bomb northwestern Iraq and Syria with even more verve and enthusiasm?  Can we expect a similar event in the US?  What can we do to prevent this?  Are we prepared to interdict this?  Will our actions in response increase the likelihood of an event like this?  Will executing a preemptive policy infringe on civil liberties without actually preventing a catastrophe?

Please weigh in and give your perspective.  Without your voice, our leaders are forced to rely on their own judgment to make decisions (scary).  Is that what you want?