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The Virginia for USA podcasts are now online. You can subscribe by clicking the button above and get installments throughout the week.

Excuse our early attempts.  They will get better, I promise.  They’re going to get better because we’re going to have more guests on – guests like you.

  • Lisa Legaspi

    this is exciting. I’m looking forward to hearing the stories of local people. I know there are so many with something to say! I’d like to hear from some of our local politicians and find out how/why they got into a race, what they’d do differently. I’d like to hear from people who grew up in poverty and then became self-made men/women. How about local business owners? How does our gov’t help/hinder them? How about an education round table with local teachers? or homeschool parents? How about some medical professionals on how ACA is affecting their practices and their patients? People who used to be liberal and are now conservative/libertarian? and so much more!