Thanks for Coming to the GOP Debate Watch Party

GOP Debate at Sportsmans Grille

GOP Debate at Sportsmans Grille

Sportsmans Grille proved to be a great venue for a gathering of Virginians who are intrigued about the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  The debate was hosted by Fox Business and discussion seemed pertinent and relevant to the issues and policies instead of the personal foibles and hairstyles of the combatants.

There were common themes on the economy such as small government and tax reform.  There was talk of immigration and trade.  They harped strongly and well on debt and deficit reduction.  And believe it or not, there was a mild attack on the Federal Reserve and even mention of the gold standard (thanks, Ted).

Generally, the candidates attempted to convince us that they would prefer cutting government spending – except when it came to defense, and there they seemed to favor increasing defense and military budgets without limit or condition.  Only Rand Paul questioned this approach.  He implied it wasn’t conservative.  In reality, it’s neoconservative.  But I digress.

There was universal revulsion of President Obama’s policies, both foreign and domestic.  And almost all took some nice shots at Hillary Clinton.  Carly Fiorina was chomping at the bit to get into the race with the Clinton, the likely Democrat nominee.

So what do you think?  How should taxes be reformed?  What government agencies and departments should get dismantled?  How do we deal with 12 million illegal aliens?  How can government step back and allow business and the economy to flourish?