The Unity Tree at James Madison University

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Even here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we experience political correctness applied at the expense of free speech.  What is especially egregious is the fact that this occurred in a so-called institution of higher learning.

It’s not as if the suppression of religious expression was conducted in an equitable across-the-board type of tyranny, but was selectively used to prevent a Christian music group called Into Hymn from singing a Christian Christmas hymn.  To be fair, they would have been allowed to sing a secular holiday song, but definitely not the one proclaiming the virgin birth of the savior of the world.

Furthermore, a Jewish group was given $2150 to buy a menorah for their ceremony.  There’s both irony and coincidence coiled together here, but the message is clear.  The open expression of Christian beliefs is forbidden, but the Jewish expression is not only perfectly fine, but financially resourced.  Would a Christian be allowed to be offended by the menorah or would he be considered an extremist?  An anti-Semite?  A neo-nazi?   Is the act of singing “Mary Would You Know” extreme?  Apparently, it is.

If you examine the topic of the lighted menorah at JMU, what secular values do you see proclaimed at the exclusion of religious ones?

Would it be reasonable to understand that although a Hanukkah menorah brings warm touchy-feelies to Jews, it disgusts and maybe terrifies Palestinians.

What if all were free to express their religious beliefs, what sorts of hazards would we be exposing ourselves to?