Transgender in Gloucester

Transgender in Gloucester

Transgender in Gloucester

Virginians, check this story out.  Since this is happening in your backyard, you ought to know what’s going on.

In analyzing this case, you really have to ask yourself, “What is at stake here?”  Is this really a question of bathrooms and plumbing?  If it were, why wouldn’t Gavin Grimm’s having her own bathroom fit the bill.

No, it must be something else.  It seems to me that progressives and Ms/Mr Gavin have a lesson to teach the residents of Gloucester, Virginia.  Apparently, there are some concepts in tolerance and affirmation that Virginians must learn.  And since a lesson like this cannot be imparted merely by rhetoric, it needs to be reinforced by the brute force might and power of the United States Federal Government.

Although it’s not quite there yet (it’s only in the Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond), there is a feeling of inevitability that surrounds it.  If it doesn’t go to the Federal level, how will the Obama administration compel states to comply with the transparent agenda of the Liberal Left.  The DOJ and the Department of Education have both already submitted amicus briefings to the court to let everyone know where they fall out on this issue.

The culture war for the soul of America creeps on, right into the bathrooms of suburban high schools.

  • Lisa Legaspi

    I just can’t. This child’s demands are incredulous. As is the fact that her parents are supporting her in it instead of being reasonable, rational and using common sense. Perhaps they all want their 5 minutes of fame? They had no other meaning and purpose in their lives and this ridiculous quest offers them that? And the DOJ and DEA support her? IMO, we need a man with intelligence and integrity in the White House to get us back on the right path. #TedCruz2016 #VA4USA