GOP Debates

Fox is taking another shot at hosting a GOP Debate, but this time it’ll be Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto and Mario Bartiromo, and WSJ’s Gerard Baker. Perhaps by now, TV network journalists have been properly chastened to make the debate pertinent and serious, instead of a transparent attempt to provoke the candidates into attacking each others’ characters.

Va4USA is hosting a watch party at the Sportsman’s Grille and we hope to see you there. We will live-tweet the event and we hope lively conversation will ensue.

Whom do you support right now? Could it change based on Debate performance? What issues do you want clarified and by whom?

If the theme is business and the economy, will it be an easy victory for Trump or could it be his Waterloo? Can Ben Carson hold his own in this milieu? Will the members of the political class (Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Bush) demonstrate their acumen or ignorance?

Who will be able to show us an approach to business and trade that might work to help the US economy?

We’ll all be watching and listening carefully.